ARC Chair Update - July 2024

As we move to the end of another academic year I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved this year as ARC continues to work alongside, and behalf of its members, partners, Virtual Schools and most importantly our children and young people.

The Call To Action campaign launched a few years ago provided the foundation for a number of initiatives that have developed extensively this year. The Relational Approach to Education Meeting the needs of our children and young people document has provided a concise overview of the terminology used across sectors. This work has been well-supported by over 30 partner organisations forming the national TIAAS roundtable group. This has complemented the work of the ARC Higher Education/Research National Group who developed the ITT Core Framework Document that has featured at a number of national conferences and leadership programmes, as well as keeping members informed about relevant research. Furthermore, the national ARC Educational Psychology group continue to review, refine and develop ARC tools, ensuring that they are always current and supportive of work across schools.

There are a number of new initiatives that are being developed in preparation for the new academic year. These include:

  • Audit/Matrix Data dashboard
  • ARC Tools Lead Practitioner Development Training
  • Digital Learning Programme - Webinars & Podcasts
  • Learning Events Programme
  • Learning Forums
  • Research & Evidence
  • Regional Conferences
  • Regional ARC Timpson Awards
  • Connectivity across the ‘system’
  • Relational Approaches Policy Guidelines
  • Breakfast Business Forums
  • Trauma informed & Attachment Aware Employers


I have been delighted that ARC has been represented at a growing number of events. We are always keen to support local, regional and national initiatives and this month it has been a pleasure to address the West Midlands Virtual School Conference, the AAS Research Conference at Oxford Brookes University (organised by The Mulberry Bush), Derbyshire VS ARAS Conference, as well as being present at the conferences of Dudley VS, Lewisham VS, Achieving For Children VS, and the City Of Birmingham School (COBS) AP Taskforce. I would also like to thank Baxter College (Kidderminster), McIntyre Discovery Academy (Nuneaton), and Hinkley Parks Primary School for inviting me into their settings.

The Learning Hub programme that has been piloted this year ‘signed-off’ with a whole-day event at Spen Valley School. This excellent day saw system leaders from across the country learn about the TIAAS journey led by Head Teacher, Hayley Clacey, her staff and impressively the children and young people of the school. This programme is being extended next year as the number of ARC Learning Hubs continues to grow and develop.

Finally, I wish all members of the ARC community a relaxing and enjoyable break over the summer and look forward to being able to help support further acceleration of enabling all schools to becoming Trauma Informed & Attachment Aware in the new academic year.

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