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teaching, learning and emotional wellbeing in schools

Introductory Statement

The Attachment Research Community, National Association of Virtual School Heads, and our partner organisations invite you to join our campaign to raise awareness of Attachment and Trauma needs within schools across England.

Our Call To Action is for a system wide redevelopment of policies and processes , academic support and training programmes, that will benefit our young people in both educational institutions and all social care environments; improving performance, mental health and wellbeing and to narrow attainment gaps.

The concerns for the well-being of all children in our schools and particularly the most vulnerable have grown during the Covid pandemic and the return to school has been difficult for many of them. More than ever, all children, young people and adults in schools, and especially the most vulnerable, will need support to recover their sense of well-being and rebuild trusting relationships in order that they thrive. This Call to Action Document, entitled ‘Attachment and Trauma Awareness - teaching, learning and emotional wellbeing in schools’, aims to complement and extend the DfE guidance on supporting mental health in schools and on teaching about mental wellbeing. In recognising that these issues are best addressed at school level by school leaders, it raises the benefits of developing the educational workforce and celebrating good practice through a positively focused inspection framework.

In recognising the pressures on schools, the current signatories believe that these recommendations support a whole school approach which is efficient and effective in improving learning and well-being outcomes for all children; and your endorsement will enable us to strengthen our journey to better practice.

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Andrew Wright

Chairman of The Attachment Research Community

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