The Attachment Research Community promotes everyone’s mental health and well-being by developing best practice and sharing learning. Our members are schools, settings, trainers, psychologists, universities and Virtual Heads committed to developing best ‘Attachment Aware and Trauma Informed’ practice. Attachment aware approaches are inherently creative and responsive to each child and setting's unique need: we do not prescribe a one size fits all approach; we do encourage schools and settings to commit to attachment aware and trauma informed practice for the benefit of young people.

Attachment theory describes how relationships enable developing children to develop their understanding of themselves and the world. Find out more about attachment and wellbeing.

At the ARC we know that for schools and settings managing difficult behaviour and the impact of childhood trauma is challenging. We believe that the best way to address these mental health and wellbeing needs is through understanding attachment and trauma. ARC members have found that this understanding transforms adult confidence, practice and resilience.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a specialist to understand or do something about attachment and make a difference to young people’s future mental health and wellbeing. You just need to be able to establish and maintain positive relationships.

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