Job Vacancy: Director of ARC

We are seeking an exceptional Director of ARC. In this role, you will play a vital part in maintaining and building strong and collaborative relationships with our partners, ensuring the development and enhancement of the Attachment Research Community.

This is an exciting opportunity for a leader to make a real and lasting change to the lives of many, and to lead beyond the organisation and influence attachment and trauma informed practice and research to a national and international level. To find out more, please click the button below. 

ARC 2024 Annual Conference

Creating a Relational Solution - Improving outcomes for children and young people through connecting the Education, Health, Social Care and Criminal Justice systems.

Tuesday 19 November 2024, The Eastside Rooms, Birmingham.

Job Vacancy: Director of ARC

Why start here?

Attachment theory explains how children build an internal working model of themselves and the world through relationships. Trauma, abuse, neglect, separation and bereavement have adverse effects, which means the child and adult's sense of safety and relationships need to be rebuilt in order for them to learn.

The Attachment Research Community (ARC) supports schools and settings to develop best attachment and trauma aware practice. ARC is a charitable organisation set up in 2017 with a mission to support all schools to be attachment and trauma aware by 2025


Our Approach

The ARC supports the development of best attachment and trauma aware practice in education in order to benefit everyone's mental health and well-being. ARC supports members to develop and embed their practice. 


Our Trustees

The ARC was founded by Virtual Heads and Academics who saw how attachment and trauma aware approaches made a difference to young people and adults in schools and settings. 


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By joining The ARC you will become part of a growing community of schools, settings and many more who are all committed to developing best practice by sharing their learning about attachment and trauma.


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