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An ‘Attachment Aware’ approach lies at the heart of much of the best teaching and learning in many highly effective settings – in other words it is core business and something schools can address that will make a difference to mental health. ARC can help by connecting you to best practice.

By joining ARC you are committed to being an ‘Attachment Aware Setting’.

ARC annual membership starts from £125 + VAT
There are two tiers of membership, depending on the number of users required to login. Note this is per school/setting.
Tier 1 (Under 400 pupil and 60 logins): £125.00 + VAT
Tier 2 (Over 400 pupils and 200 logins): £250.00 + VAT

  • Promoting inclusion and preventing exclusion
  • Developing effective strategies to support children and adults
  • Promoting high quality training
  • Sharing your learning with the ARC network
  • Working safely and with supervision.
  • A network of schools committed to developing best practice – peer support, case studies, projects, action research
  • School audit, planning and research tools – to focus staff training and school improvement [links to mental health and well-being - useful for Ofsted]
  • A network of support - Virtual Heads, trainers, psychologists and Universities
  • Certificates for your school and letter head
    • ARC Member - a voluntarily aspirational standard that celebrates good practice
    • ARC Research Partner – when action research or case study has been validated by an HEI research partner
  • National Conference
  • Workshops – sharing the challenges and best practice
  • Timpson books
  • Timpson award