‘Schools and other education providers should ensure that all staff who may come into contact with children and young people with attachment difficulties receive appropriate training...’ NICE 2015

The Attachment Research Community (ARC) is a community of schools and settings committed to supporting everyone’s attachment needs.

Mental health is much discussed and a great cause for concern for schools – 50% of mental health issues start before the age of 14, but only 30% of young people who need help get access to it.

ARC is community of schools, settings, trainers and researchers committed to developing best practice in addressing everyone's attachment needs.

ARC believes that the best place to start addressing mental health and wellbeing is with the attachment relationship between an adult and child. This relationship helps a child develop its understanding of itself and the world; it lies at the heart of human development. In turn, unmet attachment needs and trauma are the root cause of much mental ill health, so it’s important for schools and settings to be able to address these issues. The good news is that you don’t need to be a specialist to understand or do something about attachment and make a difference to young people’s future mental health and wellbeing.

Joining ARC enables you to demonstrate your commitment to supporting mental health through ‘attachment aware’ approaches. Our community shares and celebrates best practice, giving you the support you need to build a practical understanding of attachment into the heart of your work, enabling children to learn and develop to their full potential.