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Nationally there is a range of emerging best practice in using the findings of neuroscience, in particular understanding the processes of attachment and trauma, to support children to achieve their potential.

The ARC is a membership organisation dedicated to sharing this best practice, and to turning important research and understanding into ways of working that make a difference.

Recognising that the best developments are those designed and developed locally, at the core of the ARC sits a web platform which supports members to share and develop best practice.

At the heart of the ARC's action research model is a five-step 'Engine of Change' (see right).

You can read about our approach to research here.

About ARC

ARC is a charitable organisation set up in 2017.

It has been incorporated as a membership community designed to help and support schools and settings to become more attachment aware.

If you are interested in becoming a member click here.

The Five Stage Cycle of Action Research

  • Sir John Timpson CBE

Our founder board of trustees is a group of people who have been looking at knowledge and practice around attachment aware settings for years. They are:

  • Tony Clifford, Chair
  • Felicia Wood
  • Patrick Finegan
  • Richard Parker
  • Janet Rose
  • Andrew Wright

Head of governance

  • Peter Cox

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